Links to Recommended Organizations and Study Groups

1.Links to Recommended Organizations and Study Groups

publication: Kantanken books


3.Earthwatch JAPAN

Interview:Earthwatch Japan Kao Teacher Fellowship

4.Society for the Study of Natural Culture History (In Japanese) 

5.Hands-on-Math Kenkyu-kai (In Japanese) 

6.The Japanese Society for Environmental Education 

7.Book Talk on Asia, Institute for Southeast Asian Area Studies, Kyoto University (In Japanese)

No.54 Kazuyo Nagahama, “Why the Himalayan Forests Were Protected: Resource Management of Forest Panchayats in Uttarakhand, India” (Kyushu University Press, 2022

8. Village Environment Research Association (In Japanese)

9.Column at Amita Co. (In Japanese)

Part 1: Considering the Global Environment

Part 2: Staying in a village at the foot of the Himalayas Close to Van Panchayat, India

Part 3: Cyberforest: Using Natural Environmental Information to Advance Science and Education

Part 4: Challenges in Life and Risk Management

Part 5: For developing science and mathematics education: Hands-on-Math Kenkyu-kai

Part 6: Participating in IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organization) in the United States: Realization of a Sustainable Society

Part 7: Capital has been existed in Japanese forests

Part 8: India Research Report: Use of living satoyama forest

Part 9: Let's go outside with our children from local to international

Part 10: Minamata's Commitment to Social Innovation

Part 11: Potential for local development: What we can do

Part 12: CSR in a Japanese Style and Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

10. Mathematical Girls (In Japanese)
Essay : "Let's Enjoy MATH !" Developing “Citizen Scientists" and "Hands on Math!"

11. AJI Study Abroad Center, San Diego (In Japanese)
Homestay experience with two children in San Diego