Kazuyo Nagahama

She was born and grown up in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

Her first overseas trip was to China before the Tiananmen Square Protests. She took a year off from college to study abroad in London, England, and continued to travel in and out of the country, making use of her network of friends she met there. After graduating from the university, she married to a Japanese man met in England and moved to Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, where she has two boys and became an elementary school teacher in Tokyo.

In 2006, while teaching at an elementary school in Arakawa Ward, she participated in a survey of mangrove forests in Kenya by the environmental NGO Earthwatch, and became aware of the seriousness of the world's dwindling/disappearing forests and global environmental problems, and developed a sense of crisis.

She became aware of the seriousness of the world's disappearing forests and global environmental problems, and she became aware of the crisis. She has been asking this question and has been engaged in research and educational practice.

Fellow participants in a survey of mangrove forests in Kenya.(2006)


・Researcher, Forest Economic Research Institute
・Teacher, Ochanomizu University Elementary School


・Aichi University of Education, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Bachelor
・University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Master
・The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Natural Environmental Sciences,
・Ph.D. (Agriculture, University of Tsukuba)


2004~2008 : Teaching at 6th Nippori Elementary School, Arakawa-ward, Tokyo 

2008~2011 : Teaching at Nakagawa Higashi Elementary School, Adachi-ward, Tokyo

2013~2015 : TA (Teaching Assistant), Kanagawa Prefectural Kanagawa General Industry College

2014~2015 : RA (Research Assistant), the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Frontier Science

2016~2019 : Lecturer, Tokyo Seitoku University

2017 : Lecturer, Seitoku University

2018~2020 : Lecturer, Mejiro University

2018~2020 : Visiting Researcher, Mejiro University

2019~2020 : Lecturer, Teikyo University

2019~2023 : Lecturer, University of Tsukuba

2020~2023 : Professor, Japan University of Economics

2021~2023 : Visiting Researcher, The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Agricultural Life Sciences

2023~present : Researcher, Forest Economic Research Institute

2023~present : Teacher, Ochanomizu University Elementary School

Teaching Subjects

  • ・Mathematics, Information science
  • ・Environmental Economics
  • ・Special Seminar

Research Interests

・Environmental Education, Mathematics Education, Forest Sociology, South Asian Studies (India)
・Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Core C: FY2021~2023) Study on design guidelines for sustainable use and management of forests focusing on empowerment of local people

Public Lecture

  • ・Deforestation and Conservation in the World
  • ・Forest Use and Conservation in Japan
  • ・SDGs and UN Human Development Index
    (Dazaifu City, Bachelor Association, etc.)
  • ・Introduction to Fieldwork

Specialized Fields

  • ・Environmental Studies
  • ・Education
  • ・Forest Policy


・City walking and forest tours in Japan and abroad (fieldwork)
・Calligraphy (master's degree)
・Reading (reading essays and reports to learn about experiences which I could not experience.)


For more information about my research, please visit the following sites.


Academic Societies and Social Activities

Academic Societies and Study Groups

・Japan Society of Environmental Education
・Japan Society of South Asian Studies
・The Forestry Society of Kyushu
・Japan Society of Forestry Economics
The Society for Environmental Inquiry

Main Social Activities

・April 2008~present Executive Director, Hands-on-Mass Research Group
・April 2014~September 2024 International Exchange Committee Member, Japanese Society for Environmental Education
・October 2015-September 2020 Member, Matsudo City Environmental Policy Council
・September 2016~present Editorial board member, Environmental Education in Asia
・January 2019-June 2021 Member of the Forestry Policy Council, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
・November 2019~present Director, Society for the Study of Environmental Inquiry
・May 2022-March 2023 Member of Fukuoka Prefecture Infectious Disease Council
・September 2023~present Member of Matsudo City Gender Equality Promotion Council