Welcome to Nagahama Lab!

I have a few requests.

1.To follow the basic rules.

  • ・Greetings.
  • ・Be punctual.
  • ・Keep your promises.

2.Interact and cooperate with various people

  • ・Have your own ideas and opinions and express them.
  • ・Listen to and accept the opinions of others.
  • ・Deepen your learning by working together with your fellow seminar members.

3.Set a research question(topic) and work that you can reach your goal.

  • ・Set your own questions and explore them.
  • ・Study hard so that you can get good grades in other classes.
  • ・Be actively involved in the management of the seminar.

Spend your life without regrets so that you can feel your own personal growth upon graduation.

I support all of your queries to deepen your own learning and research.